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A sealed (unvented) crawl space will outperform an unsealed (vented) crawl space in eliminating moisture issues and thermal issues. An unsealed crawl space is a paradise for many bugs, snakes, and often rodents. Studies have shown that a sealed crawl space is 13% to 18% more efficient than an unsealed crawl space.
Our innovative sealed crawl space design with home waterproofing technologies is focused on providing the highest quality, safety, and lifespan. See our Technical Information page for more details about our design and the products and some of the procedures we use in its creation. We also offer on our site the products we use for those who are interested in do-it-yourself waterproofing in NC.
Waterproofing contractors
Waterproofing contractors
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  • Improved air quality
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Higher comfort level
  • Increased structure longevity
  • Elimination of mold and mildew
  • Multi-layer vapor barrier
  • Fire- and termite-resistant insulation
  • Paint with low VOC, or presence odor and toxins
  • Permanent adhesive sealant
You also may qualify for an energy tax credit for having weatherization and insulation, both of which you will receive through the installation of a sealed crawl space. Please call our waterproofing contractors at (704) 507-8051 or email us at
(704) 507-8051
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